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At ACS, we provide expert Clerk of Works. In doing so, we support the Golden Thread Construction. This is the backbone of best practices and is why are held to the highest standards with everything we do.

Our Clerk Of Works Services

Our qualified Clerk of Works will inspect the workmanship, quality and safety of work on construction sites and reports back to senior managers and clients. Our CoW conducts regular site inspections and checking that building plans are being followed correctly. We check that work is being carried out to the correct specifications and legal, safety and environmental standards.

What is Clerk of Works and how our service is helps the client?

A Clerk of Works (CoW) is a construction professional who is responsible for monitoring the progress of a construction project, safeguarding the client’s interests and and ensuring that it is being built to the agreed standards. Employed by the client, the architect, or even the contractor in certain situations, their primary responsibility is to ensure the project unfolds seamlessly, adhering to the agreed-upon standards.

This entails a multifaceted role within the clients project, encompasses meticulous monitoring of progress, verifying that construction aligns with the blueprints and specifications, and upholding compliance with building regulations and safety protocols.

The CoW becomes an advocate for quality, routinely inspecting materials and workmanship, identifying potential issues before they escalate, and promptly reporting any deviations from the plan to the relevant parties. Their keen eye and meticulous attention to detail help guarantee that the final product meets the envisioned quality and functionality, ultimately protecting the client’s investment and safeguarding the project’s integrity.

We endeavour to deliver the highest quality of service. This is why we encourage our Clerk of Works to achieve and maintain professional accreditation by the institute of Clerk of Works and abide by the ICWCI Code of conduct.

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Health & Safety

The CoW plays a pivotal role in ensuring the construction site prioritizes worker safety. They actively monitor adherence to health and safety regulations, constantly on the lookout for potential hazards. When identified, they promptly report these concerns to the appropriate parties for mitigation, preventing accidents and safeguarding the well-being of everyone on the site.

Ensuring Quality

The CoW acts as a watchdog for the client, verifying that the building is constructed according to the approved plans and specifications. This involves meticulous inspections of materials and workmanship throughout the project. They identify any deviations from standards and report them for correction, ensuring the final product meets all quality and regulatory benchmarks.

Monitoring Project Progress

The CoW acts as a project timeline and budget watchdog. They meticulously track construction progress against the predetermined schedule and financial plan. This meticulousness involves keeping detailed site records, including progress reports, logs, and photographic documentation. This information is critical for maintaining control over the project’s timeframe and finances, allowing for proactive adjustments if necessary.

Facilitating Communication

The CoW acts as a communication hub, fostering collaboration between various project stakeholders. They serve as a liaison between the architect, project manager, contractors, and subcontractors. By keeping everyone informed of progress, potential issues, and crucial decisions, they ensure a smooth workflow and prevent misunderstandings that could delay the project.

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