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Underpining UK construction in residential and commercial markets, a new build warranty is almost always a prerequisite of the construction process as required by Lenders, Funders, Developers and end user Mortgage providers.
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Inherent Defect Warranty Auditing

A warranty, also referred to as a structural warranty, inherent defect warranty or latent defect warranty is typically a 10 year or 12 year insurance product, backed by A rated insurers that are authorised and regulated as part of Lloyds of London. A warranty will be CML approved, recognised and accepted by all high-street mortgage providers and alternative lenders.

What is Inherent Defect Warranty Auditing and how our service is helps the client? Inherent Defect Warranty Auditing (IDWA) is a process of inspecting a building or structure to identify any potential defects that may not be apparent at the time of construction. These defects are known as inherent defects, and they can be caused by a variety of factors, such as poor design, inadequate materials, or faulty workmanship.

ACS will inspect the project at various key stages in order to review and ensure compliance to regulations and building warranty standards.
At completion of the project, ACS will work with the project beneficiaries to approve the warranty with the UK warranty providers.
The warranty is then valid in the UK market for a minimum period of 10 years.

ACS providers this class leading TIC service across all self-build new home warranties. ACS also provides this service to the Build-to-Rent (BTR) development market, commercial development market, social afordable housing and custom build market.

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ACS partners with approved warranty providers such as Build-zone to provide premium inspection and compliance services across the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands.

National provider of A rated approved warranties for self-build, Build to Rent (BTR), social, private and commercial construction. Whether it’s a recent build, converted and refurbished residential development – structural defects warranty protects against defects. Sometimes referred to as insurance, it can protect you against the cost of rebuilding and rectifying any defects that arise.

Our surveyors are experienced, efficient and can be on site promptly. We know a latent defect exists at the time of construction, however it could have gone undetected until after completion of construction, even years after. Something as simple as a structural beam which is correct in colour, grade and size could still be a potential problem if it’s under the strength requirements. This is one of many examples which we look out for during our audits. It’s important for you to be fully informed regarding situation you’re in. And worth keeping in mind the Latent Damage Act 1986 provides claimants with three years, as of the date in which they became aware, should have known or found a problem, in order to issue proceedings.

Approved and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Underwritten by A rated leading insurers

Cover all types of UK construction

Satisfy UK mortgage lending requirements

Contact our warranty team today and we can assist you in your warranty requirements and add further value by providing our warranty and compliance auditing services to achieve your minimum 10 year warranty policy.

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