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Specialist Commercial Risk Engineers

With an inherently deep piled understanding, ACS Engineering offers a unique solution not currently available – unparalleled expertise in both Latent Defect Insurance (IDI) and meticulous Testing, Inspection, and Compliance (TIC) methods.

This potent combination, honed through over a decade of experience collaborating with Lloyds markets, goes beyond mere “where engineering meets surveying” – it represents a holistic approach to ensuring flawless construction and peace of mind. Imagine navigating the intricate world of A-rated IDI insurance with unmatched confidence.

Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of this specialized market, ensuring you benefit from tailor-made solutions that protect your interests. But our expertise goes beyond insurance. Our TIC methods, meticulously developed and perfected through years of structural defect auditing, possess the uncanny ability to unearth even the most concealed construction issues. Think of us as your one-stop compliance solution, eliminating the need to juggle multiple vendors and saving you valuable time and resources.

What truly sets us apart, however, is the assurance we deliver. Through clear, actionable insights and unwavering dedication, we provide you with the confidence to move forward with your projects, secure in the knowledge that every aspect adheres to the highest standards. Stop letting hidden defects cast a shadow over your endeavours. Partner with ACS Engineering today and experience the power of true compliance – a force multiplier for success and peace of mind.



Continuous risk assessment onsite & desktop appraisals ensures compliance throughout. Expert engineers with surveying knowledge, rigorous inspection regime, minimising risk for insurer. One point of contact & reporting streamlines communication, keeping technical compliance & risk reduction at the forefront.


Risk Overview Assessment (ROA)

Starting with a full summary review of risk to be appraised, including an understanding of methodology and geographical context to determine initial suitability of risk prior to the underwriting.


Close Out Review (COR)

Review of the as-built design and construction that’s been appraised throughout the programmed works. A formulaic approach that considers initial design, its inception and completion of the project in its environment. A “back check” that “backs up” the design and construction to reduce failure risk insurers.


Inherent Structural Appraisal (ISA)

A full review of Stage 3 onwards design intent, methodology and calculations to determine suitability of structure and risk mitigation in conjunction with underwriting decision.

OUR projects

A proven track record spanning over a decade in the IDI market, now expanding into risk engineering sectors.

With a demonstrated proof of concept that can take the full life-cycle process from a technical auditing background with a dedicated infrastructure application to provide a risk engineering solution that can service and deliver both residential and commercially worded policy risks with a single approach that o!ers a greater combined value with a lower commercial commitment.


Current technical auditors and risk engineers o!er a compliance system that is inflexible, expensive and detached from the requirements of the insurer and the risk. The construction industry is already decades behind in terms of innovation. Insurance need not be.
Commercial Risk Engineering

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